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On The Property



There are two outdoor loops on the property which make for great walking, especially for your little ones both human and canine. Choose either a 1,5km or 600m loop, both are easy-going with some steady inclines and offer some great views of the adjacent area, and also offer great opportunities for sunrise/sunset viewings.

The walking loops on the property can be used for cycling as well as the railway service road which is about a 48km roundtrip to Harrismith and back. There is also a network of farm roads that can be used as cycling routes.



Birds can be spotted anywhere on the property. There is a network of farm roads in the area which boast a wide variety of species as well as a nearby 'BirdLife' site at Ingula Hydro-Power Scheme that is well known for the Golden-breasted Pipit and the White-winged Flufftail. Prior permission is required.

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A portion of the property is situated along The Wilge River, one of the main feeds to the Vaaldam in Gauteng. The river boasts Largemouth Yellowfish, Carp, Mudfish, Barbel, and occasionally Largemouth Bass, which means Fly-Fishing and Bank Angling are the way to go. Although perennial, the river is highly seasonal and prone to various natural factors such as flooding and droughts. The riverbank is not maintained.

There are opportunities to fish in local farm dams stocked with Bass, subject to availability and prior arrangement.

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